May 10th – 14th
The Banff Park Lodge
Banff, Alberta (Canada)

It is with great pleasure that we invite scientists from around the world to participate in Sialoglyco2018, the biennial international conference on sialic acid-related research to be held in the unparalleled beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This is the first time that the current series of Sialic Acid meetings will be held in Canada. We are also pleased to announce that the Sialic acid meeting will be held in concert with the 2018 Canadian Glycomics Symposium (May 9th–11th).

We believe that the location and the sequential meeting format will ensure that we have the ideal setting for social interaction, networking, stimulating scientific discussions, and the initiation of collaborations between the Canadian carbohydrate and the International Sialoglycoscience communities. We look forward to welcoming you to Banff in May.

Invited Speakers:

  • James Paulson (USA)  Scripps Research Institute
  • Ajit Varki (USA)  University of San Diego
  • Herbert Hildebrandt (Germany)  Hannover Medical School
  • Natalie Strynadka (Canada)  University of British Columbia
  • Alexey V. Pshezhetsky (Canada) University of Montreal
  • Robert Yu (USA)  Augusta University, Medical College of Georgia
  • Jamey Marth (USA)  University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jennifer Kohler (USA) University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Yann Guérardel (France)  University de Lille
  • Cristina De Meo (USA)  Southern Illinois University
  • Thomas Boltje (Netherlands)  Radboud University
  • Hiromune Ando (Japan)  Gifu University
  • Yasuhiro Kajihara (Japan)  Osaka University
  • Amanda Lewis (USA)  Washington University
  • Chihiro Sato (Japan)  Nagoya University
  • Akihiro Imamura (Japan)  Gifu University
  • Matthew Macaulay (Canada)  University of Alberta
  • Wesley Zandberg (Canada) University of British Columbia – Okanagan
  • Lisa M. Willis (Canada)  University of Toronto
  • Anja Münster-Kühnel (Germany)  Hannover Medical School
  • Arun Everest-Dass (Australia)  Griffith University
  • Wenjie Peng (China) Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Sialoglyco 2018 Organizer:
Andrew J. Bennet, Simon Fraser University

Canadian Glycomics Symposium Organizers:
Lynne Howell (University of Toronto)
Barbara Triggs-Raine (University of Mannitoba)
Warren Wakarchuk (Ryerson University)
Wade Abbott (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Matthew Macauley (University of Alberta)
Simonetta Sipione (University of Alberta)